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Washers with locking function secure screw connections against automatic loosening. On the one hand, these are discs that have an effect due to the elasticity of their material. They are also tensioned and usually behave similarly to a compression spring.

Our range includes various tension washers, wave springs or disc springs in the following surfaces: bright, galvanised, blackened, galvanised, thick-film passivated, zinc lamella. Washers suitable for the anti-loosening device have a different approach. They have a profiled surface of teeth or lamellae. Placed under the screw head or nut, the force is distributed over a larger surface and additionally a positive fit is created.

In addition to a wide range of lock washers with various effective ratchet teeth, the NORD LOCK® wedge lock washer should also be highlighted. It uses the different angular ratios between the wedge surfaces and the screw thread, which makes the screw connection extremely resilient. On the other hand, the RIPP LOCK® lock washer, which acts with its radial blades on the entire surface. It is suitable for very high dynamic loads and vibration.

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