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Nuts with locking function secure screw connections against automatic loosening without additional elements.

There are a multitude of mechanisms of action and variations. Nuts with a clamping part, for example, have an integrated clamping part that provides resistance to twisting - a loss protection. This includes all nuts with non-metallic clamping part made of polyamide or all-metal screw nuts with metal insert.

Another functional principle is offered by the Fine U Nut® lock nut for axial securing with friction ring or the SAPER LOCK® lock nut with internal spring.

For other applications, the lock nuts are used to prevent loosening. They have a profiled surface with teeth or lamellas. The force is distributed over a larger area and additionally a form-fit is created.

The RIPP LOCK® lock nut with its special radial blades is used for particularly high dynamic loads and vibration.

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