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Screws with locking function have an integrated profiled bearing surface. This can be toothing, special ribs, special fins or the RIPP LOCK® radial fins. The locking screw provides a loosening protection in the component with particularly high load capacity in the event of vibration or dynamic loading.

When tightened, the profiled surfaces dig into the component and create an effect in the material, depending on the type of profile. In the case of tooth locking screws, this is a form fit caused by toothing. The ribs or lamellae are plastically deformed and the bearing surface solidifies.

With RIPP LOCK® locking screws, the special pitch angle of the radial blades leads to an imprint in the mating position. The RIPP LOCK® fuse is suitable for extreme loads and vibrations and acts gently on the component surface.

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