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ISO 10642  similar to DIN 7991

Countersunk bolts
Material: Steel 8.8 | Surface: zinc-plated, thick-film passivated (VZD)

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similar to DIN 7991
ISO 10642 | steel | zinc-plated, thick-film passivated (VZD) | Cr(VI) - free | metric thread

Note: Similar to DIN 7991 | the head height and head diameter have been partly changed | due to the head geometry, these screws have only a limited load bearing capacity, see DIN EN ISO 898-1
Surface (VZD): galvanized, thick-film passivated, min. 5μm | corrosion resistance to DIN EN ISO 9227 *: white rust 72h, red rust 144h | defined coefficient of friction μ(total) = 0.12 - 0.18 for high-strength screws (≥ 8.8)

>*The verification of the mentioned minimum requirements is carried out according to the test conditions of ISO/CD 4042:2016, galvanic coatings for fasteners. For dimensions < M5, the above values may deviate downwards.

technical details

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Cr(VI) Note Cr(VI)-free
Flange/washer without flange
Force application Hexagon socket
Head shape Countersunk head
Installation method Screw into place with tool
Material Steel
Material version 8.8
Risk hydrogen embrittlement
RoHs conformal
Surface zinc-plated, thick-film passivated (VZD)
Thread type Metric thread


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