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QUICKLOC® Receptacle

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*Grip length receptacle size 2 = -1mm

Retaining washer | Locking mechanism | Plastic or metal component

Retaining washer
The retaining washer captively holds the locking bolt to the cover. The maximum cover height describes the position of the retaining washer on the bolt. Thinner covers allow movement.
To achieve self-insertion when pressing the cover, the actual cover height must be the maximum cover height.

Lock bottom – receptacle
The first step is to choose the receptacle because it affects the grip length.

Grip length
The following parameters are added to determine the grip length:

grip length min = over height** + retaining washer (thickness)*** + 0,7 mm + possible cover spacing

**The cover height must fit precisely.
***With a given cover spacing, the thickness of the retaining washer is already included in the cover spacing.

Grip lengths vary depending on the receptacle. A + 1.5 mm tolerance can be added to the indicated nominal
dimension. Within this tolerance, a noise-free fit of the cover in the housing is guaranteed.

Functional length
Measurable dimension on the bolt. The dimension results from the above-named lengths. It helps to distinguish the bolts.

technical details

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Installation method Clip form
RoHS conformal


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Product Guide: Fastening and assembly technology English 1190/22-V1-EN (WBH) 936.46 KB / PDF
Data sheet : Technical information and dimensions of the product English 09/2019 121.45 KB / PDF
QUICKLOC®: Quick release systems English 0600/21-V1-EN (WBH) 1.34 MB / PDF

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